Polish FDI in Ukraine: analyzing location factors, macro-economic trends and firm-level activity

Jan Nowak, Łukasz Cywiński, Ulyana Dzyuma-Zaremba, Ruslan Harasym
WSIiZ Working Papers
No 5.
In the context of the literature review and the analysis of Ukraine’s location advantages and disadvantages vis-à-vis FDI, the paper presents major macro- and meso-economic trends in Poland’s FDI flows to and stock in Ukraine, including their sectoral distribution. It also presents the results of an analysis of 18 companies from Warsaw Stock Exchange that have invested in Ukraine. One of the main findings reveals a discrepancy between a very modest value of Polish FDI in Ukraine and a relatively large number of Polish firms’ subsidiaries operating in the country. The analysis of the sample of those subsidiaries allows to conclude about their assets, FDI motives and modes, types of FDI undertaken, and sales results in Ukraine.
Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment, location factors, transition economies
JEL classification: F24, F21, F00
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